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I had just started a window cleaning business back in 2016 and I met a man 
who took my card and told me he would call me. He was very friendly
and sure enough, a few months later I got the call to quote a job at the
house he was remodeling. I show up and to this awesome new house in 
Ada, MI where he was standing in the driveway. We go in to talking about the
scope of the project. He wants new construction clean up done through 
the whole house and all the windows cleaned. 
Well, I know I can clean the windows no problem, and I have had someone
who cleans houses come with me to jobs before; how hard can it be?
So, I’m such a nice guy I quote the windows properly at about $400; but, I 
decide to tell him that I will only charge him $50 to clean the inside of this house.
Let me tell you, this house was not small at over 4000 sq ft. He ends up taking
me up on the offer and I show up a couple days later to get to work with my helper.
I didn’t mention yet, that I did not go inside this house to see the level of 
cleaning required; what a HUGE mistake on my part. So, long story short. I ended 
up paying out almost most of my earnings from window cleaning to a helper, 
I ended up having to work four times as hard doing a job I wasn’t
even familiar with doing, (bathrooms, kitchen, dust, and drywall all over) new 
construction is filthy. So after going back several times, I get a call. Basically,
my performance as a interior cleaner was not up to his standards, and I was 
not going to be compensated. Here I am days and days into a job, hundreds
of dollars paid out and no money for the work I just did. However, I did
earn something more valuable than money and that was the knowledge. I 
never took on another new construction clean up job, or an 
interior cleaning job again. I was not equipped or skilled really to 
perform those services, so I will stick to what I know. I do have to add,
that even though I did not clean the drawers and glass and trim the best, I was called
back the next year to clean windows at his next project. 
I had to double down on what I was good at, and let go of the 
things I was not. If you need any power washing, roof washing, 
window cleaning, gutter cleaning, or deck cleaning, call us at 2698383170,

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