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I didn’t make too big of a deal of having my own company.
I had an income that took care of my needs and plenty of time. 
First step was deciding that I was absolutely going to go all in.
Amazon shopping for squeegees, mops, soap, ladders, business cards.
My good friend Eric got me together an LLC. over at his law firm, and I 
just had to pick out a name which was Diamond Dazzle Cleaning, get liabilty
insurance on the company, and then figure out a way to make people
know I am ready to provide window cleaning services. Our first year in business,
I didn’t know exactly what route to take as far as services to offer. I dabbled in a
little bit of new construction clean-up, and even interior home cleaning. I found
that I enjoy power washing, soft washing, gutter cleaning and window cleaning
as opposed to bathrooms, etc. So our first year was spent learning
how to price and interact with the customer as the expert, when in fact,
I was a rookie, faking it, learning to clean windows. It was great!
my business mold and whole idea was to choose a company where I 
could market to a higher economic demographic. I decided this after doing
years of marketing for different companies. I wanted higher ticket sales with 
a high end client. Don’t get me confused for being a snob; I am not. 
However I want to provide a top quality service and am dedicating
my time and resources to do these services full time. I need to charge 
accordingly. Anyways, before I knew I would add pressure washing
and roof cleaning, I went to a conference at the international sanitary 
supply association( ) . Here I learned a lot of very
valuable tools and even met Apple’s Steve Wozniak.
Let’s go back, Im skipping parts; forgive me its 2:45 am.
I started my company in June of 2016. I got my licenses, announced
the company would be open via a facebook post, put ads in the
newspaper and took off on a trip with friends to Michigan’s
Upper Peninsula. It was cold, and awesome and beautiful. I came
home rejuvenated to the phone ringing and the beginning of my
service industry career. I’ve encountered some of the strangest interactions,
some of which I talk about in a book in the works. This company, Diamond
Dazzle Cleaning has taught me so much about myself and others.
I am providing a service on many peoples most valuable asset, their
home. They take pride in it, and that is why they call Diamond Dazzle Cleaning
for pressure washing, roof cleaning, window cleaning, gutter cleaning
and concrete cleaning in Grand Rapids, Mi and Ada, MI, and Midwest
Our first year we only did about twenty clients with only two power washing
clients. our second year which was 2017 we had closer to one hundred
serviced clients. Our territory expanded and so did our services,
and overall business knowledge. It is winter in Michigan so no pressure washing
right now but we are preparing our equipment and marketing for
a strong start to 2018. Call us at 269-838-3170 or visit
and send us an e-mail.

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