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I didn’t have a plan when I finished my bachelors in business.
That winter had come and gone and as spring was moving closer,
I had to find something to keep myself occupied. 
What turned into a power washing, window cleaning, roof washing and
gutter cleaning company; Diamond Dazzle Cleaning was once just an idea. 
I was pointed to another cleaner named Keith Kalfas who had a book called,
‘The window cleaning blueprint’ ( link here
which I studied and I dove right in.
I started advertising my window cleaning in Hastings, Michigan and 
Gun Lake, MI. As I grew the next year I added power washing and
advertised more in Grand Rapids, and Ada, MI.
Our first year in business we mainly focused on window cleaning,
and I learned how to price a job, perform the cleaning and even
accumulate customers. It wasn’t until the start of season two things really
took off. We have grown to two vehicles, and expanded to offer gutter
cleaning, and roof cleaning. We have also been able to provide
jobs. While this is an introduction to who I am and how I write,
the following blogs will be to bring you inside the day of an
entrepreneur and more importantly, the life of me, Christopher, an obsessed-
with-his-business-guy. I believe it can do good for me, my family,
others, and the community.
I am an entrepreneur at heart; ever since I was a young kid I wanted to sell,
or trade, or figure out how to make a dollar with sweat equity.
Also, with years of marketing experience under my belt, it is not hard to
market power washing, and roof washing jobs in Grand Rapids, MI.
I know that Diamond Dazzle Cleaning will grow to be the most
well known and established power washing, window cleaning,
roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, and deck cleaning company in mid-west
Michigan. With loyal customers who want us to succeed; they embrace
our vision and out company culture. Smiles and awe are not uncommon
when people see our outstanding quality. Check out our next blog and I will
talk about what the foundation of Diamond Dazzle Cleaning, or
any other company takes to get started. call to schedule an
appointment at 269-838-3170 or go to
and send us an email.   

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