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It didn’t take long before I was confident and able to clean some
of the more difficult windows. Diamond Dazzle Cleaning
was getting enough work for me to learn, but all revenue went 
back into the business. I was getting more and more 
confident in how to talk to the customer like the professional
and offer a price we both felt good at reaching. The true and fun
transition was realizing that because I wasn’t really in the market for
my own services, I had to change my thinking. At every window cleaning job
I am in people’s bedrooms. Multiple times I’ve cleaned windows while
a woman gets ready for the day and the steam from the shower is still in the 
air. I’ve been one of many contractors on a job, networking while one does trim,
one is fixing a cabinet, and another something else. I started to realize I was thinking
small and I needed to open my mind, not only in my technique, but how I approached
a customer. 
I always have felt like a pro. I feel like I can do the job the best, I put in the most
time to learning, and I am over all passionate about the quality. However,
my target market is not only concerned with quality,
they are concerned with the whole process: looking at the website, calling,
interacting, and being sold. Some, customers even want to watch 
us perform the job. If I go in and tell them every detail of how I am going
to clean their house, or windows, I might disengage from them. I need to remember
that their home is important, and remind them they are making the right
choice in protecting their investments. You see, Diamond Dazzle Cleaning
does low pressure house and roof washing. It is important to explain that no damage
will be done, reassure the homeowner that not only will their home look
pristine when we’ve completed the job, there is no risk that we can damage 
the siding or a roof. 
It took me over a year in business to really remember this concept while 
communicating with potential buyers. I was so driven to tell them 
how awesome it would look and sell sell sell, but in reality, 
they called me in the first place, they are already
interested. I need to add value. Over the years of power washing, 
roof cleaning, window cleaning, deck cleaning, and gutter cleaning in 
Grand Rapids, MI and Midwest MI, I have satisfied so many home
owners I cannot count. So many times I am smiling because 
the home owner thought I was exaggerating when I told them what the house
would look like or the roof would look like. It is a good feeling
to surpass expectations by so far. It is rewarding and a true blessing
to be able to serve others the way I do and get paid to do it.
For power washing, window cleaning, gutter cleaning, roof cleaning and deck
cleaning in Mid-west Michigan, call Diamond Dazzle Cleaning
at 269-838-3170 or visit our website 
and send us an e-mail. 

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