Into the drive way flies a newer Cadillac SUV and out pops
a mini blonde firecracker. Her mouth ran a million miles a second
with very colorful language and an attitude 20X bigger than
I expected. I was there to clean her windows in Grand Rapids, MI and I
had a helper to clean her house.
She has other helpers doing this and that, friends over and was trying
to grill burgers. I set my worker at task and I begin cleaning the windows
on the outside when I start hearing this lady screaming at one of her man servants.
I’m just trying to clean the windows but I have a helper so I have to make sure
they are OK!
I walk back around the corner to see this grill on fire and practically
igniting the corner of this lady’s house. She’s pissed, but at one of her servants
or assistants; I’m not really too sure what he was. I went to make sure
my worker wasn’t uncomfortable, which they were OK; so we went back to work.
She’s still red hot, dwelling on her thought that the man wanted her house to
burn down. This is all just fine, I am not there to judge her, and I am
not offended by her outburst; in fact it made me chuckle.
All at once she exclaims she has to rush off and we are to leave at once.
Alright lady, you got it! The drive home we had a laugh.
Fast forward a month; phone rings, “Christopher, I need you to come
back and do my windows, just you. You did such a good job, and I
don’t need the inside cleaned, just the windows”. OK! So I’m
there, cleaning once again the windows. I finish the outside, and work
my way to the inside and all around the house. She let’s me know she
is going to take a shower, and I just nod and keep going. SO..I’m in a spare room
when I hear my name, so I walk around the corner. She’s got on barely any
clothes, still dripping wet toweling her hair off,
 and she asks me to help her pick out her outfit. Well, as profesional
as I can, I ask, “well, what are your plans”? Now would you believe that
I can NOT remember what she said she was doing that day?
At the end of the day, she was able to pick out an outfit, and I was
able to finish cleaning her windows. That my friends,
is my strangest encounter to date. While I am flattered
she was very comfortable and confident, I really did not and do not
want that kind of attention while I am in a clients home. If you need pressure washing,
roof cleaning, window cleaning, gutter cleaning, or deck cleaning, call
us at 269-838-3170 or visit and
leave us an email. ( Must dress yourself )

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