Business is not easy. The bigger and faster you want it to grow, the more 
you sacrifice. You will sacrifice time, money, energy, etc. 
However if properly planned and executed, a business can be a vehicle
to achieve life goals. Diamond Dazzle Cleaning is at a point where
the marketing implemented keeps the phone ringing in its season 
about as much as an owner/operator can handle; but what does it even
take to get the phone ringing? 
Put yourself in my shoes, and think how you would
make the phone ring with people who would want power washing, window cleaning,
roof washing, gutter cleaning, and deck cleaning in Grand Rapids, MI? 
Technology is changing so there are literally thousands of ways to get people
to notice a company. This is one thing people forget. Another thing is actually closing 
the sale, or persuading the client that you will do a good job at a cost
that we both agree too. 
What about the clients that schedule appointments and then cancel, or never
bother to tell you that they won’t be there. Bounced checks, vehicles 
breaking down, workers getting sick, YOU getting sick, equipment,
insurance, etc; these are all things people tend to forget about when 
they hire a service provider. People think that because they make $20 an 
hour, that someone power washing, or cleaning their gutters 
shouldn’t make more than them because its, unskilled. Sorry to
break the news, but it isn’t cheap to fund a business.
Now that I’ve listed the more frustrating parts of business, we can go to the 
rewards. It is a true blessing to be able to do a job I enjoy, and 
do it well. My clients are ALWAYS satisfied. I am able to to business
with clients I choose, and work beside people I choose as well. There 
is no better feeling than being paid an honest wage for doing something
you love and that people appreciate. I want Diamond Dazzle Cleaning to be the 
number one company in Midwest Michigan for pressure washing, window
cleaning, gutter cleaning, and roof cleaning. 
2018 will be the start of my third season, but until June, will be still
in my second year of business. I am getting nervous as days approach
and I spend more and more money on the company before the
season even starts. But, that is a risk I CHOOSE to take. People don’t
know I went to New Orleans for the   or 
the other conferences I go to to learn the best practices. I have faith in 
my hard work, my team, and overall, in God, that the phone will
ring and I will have an abundance of work to satisfy my body’s
need and enough income to support my families financial needs. If you
or anyone you know needs Power washing, window cleaning, gutter cleaning,
roof cleaning, or deck cleaning in Mid-west Michigan call 269-838-3170
or visit and leave us an e-mail

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