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It was Christmas day, and like most families, we spent it opening presents.
I ripped in to the huge box under the tree which was bigger than all the
other boxes. After removing the paper, it was obvious that the gift I had
received was a power washer. It was my mom’s subtle way of letting 
me know I needed to clean the green of my siding. Well, here
in Michigan, it doesn’t get warm enough to use one until around April.
So, here it was a nice day; I mustered enough strength and motivation
on my day off to finally clean that green stuff of the house. I figured it’d be 
a breeze. Well, I couldn’t be further from the truth. Yea, the first six feet wasn’t
too difficult other than the water flying back in my face. I realized that I just wasn’t 
equipped to do it. I was in my prime; a ripe 22 year old with nothing holding
me back… except a ladder and a power washer that was strong enough. 
You see, the machine I was gifted was a home-owner grade machine
which is what most people purchase, and they are just not quite powerful
to complete the job unless you hold the want two inches from the 
house, which is EXTREMELY bad for the siding. This feeling of defeat as 
I stand there with the bottom half of my two story home motivated me 
all these years later. If I felt defeated, a strapping young man, image how
others might feel in my shoes. This is why, all these years later as I have 
grown to add this service to help others that felt like I did, I have spent
countless hours researching the safest most effective way to service 
a large home exterior cleaning. The more efficiently I can perform the task,
the lower I can drive my costs. We invest at Diamond Dazzle Cleaning
so we can offer superior service. We understand the life-long returns of investing
in not only equipment, and technology, bout ourselves and our staff. This
is why Diamond Dazzle Cleaning will continue to grow and will become 
the leading company for exterior home cleaning. We believe that 
offering a service that exceeds expectations is what will create long-term 
relationships with our clients. We are not out to maximize profits in the 
performance of one service, but to create life-long value in our clients, 
and their property. We love what we do here at Diamond Dazzle Cleaning
and it shows through in our phenomenal end results. It is not an accident
that we have grown so quickly through word of mouth without even
having a google account people could find. We are looking forward
to being able to service quadruple the amount of customers in 2018 
due to the expansion of equipment, skills, and determination to help
as many people as we possibly can. As long as people need their home’s
cleaned, we will continue to grow to meet your demands! Thank you
for choosing Diamond Dazzle Cleaning. Visit us at  
or give me a call at 269-838-3170 for any of your exterior cleaning

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