So, I’m back from the corporate pump you up conference and I’m
back in the the planning stages, and I ponder…
How, can I turn this company from what was once just a little extra something
to do with my time, to a vehicle that can help thousands of people.
I’m talking about creating jobs, and stability in people’s lives.
I’m talking about servicing people’s homes so well that the
entire neighborhood stops to stare. I”M TALKING ABOUT
Sounds like a lot I know. But I know I can do it, and people already
let me know of examples where I have directly impacted them, so
I suppose I am on track.
Tall order for a window cleaner, but since starting this company I have found
that I have been thinking too small. I have been thinking about what I
enjoy and like to do instead of rather, what other people might need
done or like to do.
You see, I can only do so much in a day; I am only one person.
I just need to efficiently have a team that runs at all times
that does all things right?!?!
Seems simple right? “give the work away ya idiot, call someone”.
then my name is on the line, and if he hurts himself
I’m liable, or if he does a bad job and etc etc etc.
HOWEVER, I’m going to figure out how to forget those worries,
help people at such a massive scale because I can. I can
coach a team because I have great coaches. I can do anything
because I am willing to learn and put in the hard work.
I want to serve you. Check out my mission and vision and
watch for our core values to be posted soon
Oh, the joys and wonders of owning and scaling a service company.

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