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When I first started two years ago I was learning as I go; I dove right in. In 2017, I added powerwashing, also diving right in. And this year I added low pressure roof washing, diving right in.

Notice a pattern? I dove right in. I know these blogs are all motivation and pep talks, but that’s who I am, I’m embracing that side of me.Its also what that driving force that even helped  me start this business.

How do we become the best? Well, we practice. We’ve cleaned so many houses, learning and making mistakes and going back to fix mistakes. That’s part of it. Getting better and better and more experienced each time.

How else do we become the best? We listen. We figure out exactly what people need and try to figure out how we can meet these needs.

What else are we doing to be the best? We are striving to learn. We truly want to create an attitude of constant and continuous growth. The more we grow the more people we can grow.

We want to provide the best customer experience around. We love what we do.



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