While driving down the road you might have noticed black lines accumulating on somebodies roof. Maybe you even noticed moss. It could even be on your house right now. The point is, we can take care of that. Don’t worry, we aren’t going to use high pressure like you might think, we are going to use low pressure soft wash to do a roof shampoo. You see, we mix special soap with about 3 percent bleach. And a very strong soap and we apply it to the roof with about as much pressure as a garden hose. The soap on the roof wash will ooze down, killing all live growth and making the roof like nicer. You could do this yourself but it’s better left to a pro.  

We service Barry county and surrounding areas. Richland Mi, wayland mi, Ada mi, Lowell mi, alto mi, whitneyville mi, Forrest hills mi, caledonia mi, portage mi, Vermontville mi, Charlotte mi, and middleville mi too.

We also do pressure washing, window cleaning, gutter cleaning, deck cleaning, and concrete cleaning, and powerwashing.

Diamond Dazzle Cleaning


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