Listen up. If you want to sell your house quick, you’ve got to think like a first time home buyer. What are they thinking about when they are looking to buy a first home?

Imagine yourself walking into a new house that you want to buy; you imagine yourself in that home . How will your family look there. How will you feel. You want to feel like a million bucks every time you walk in the door.  

You get the picture. Now look at your home…How does it feel. Are you super excited and amazing when you walk in? Do you want to take the deepest breathe ever and ehale out comfort? Do your eyes rest in peaceful positions as you walk through? These are all things to wonder and focus on.

What about the did you feel when you first laid eyes on it? Did it invite you in? Enough with the questions from me. Take a good look at what you’re asking someone else to do. You’re asking them to buy your house!

You can start with hiring a professional pressure washing company like @DiamondDazzleCleaning to brighten the exterior. If you can’t afford to make a house tip-top before you sell it, what else did you fail to maintain in in the life of that house? A refreshed exterior from top to bottom will immediately bring perceived value of a home higher.

So after we see the house,

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