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When I think of someone that is in need of, or utilizing real estate services, my original thoughts have changed drastically. I believed that there were people buying homes, and selling homes. Now I see there are different positions each person is in. For example: a first time buyer just staring out in life might sacrifice comfort and luxuries for a more affordable home. Some people are upgrading homes because of financial position; they want a nicer or even different home. Another person may be leveraging their properties to build more. 
All this leads to one thing. There are hundreds of ways to get involved in real estate. There are several different style of customers. Maybe you are the customer. Maybe you are helping a customer. Maybe you build homes. Are you the cement contractor? I think you get it.
This has taught me to level out a little bit. What I mean is go at a different pace. Real estate, and helping people buy and sell homes is something that takes time. Don’t get me all wrong, Some homes sell super fast. But other homes might take awhile before before they are sold; your buyer might need to see several homes before she builds her own.
Perhaps I should tell you my experience to date in the real estate industry so you can understand the perspective. One of my largest influences is Grant Cardone. His idea is to own multi family properties to generate income. So first step was to get my real estate license. I had a company to run so I put it off for a few months before landing some listing agreements. I have sold two homes and purchased one to resell. 
You can look for opportunities in real estate for six month investments (fix flip) or you can look for lifelong investments. Which ever way you slice it, Real estate is in your life whether you rent or own your home.  
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