My favorite part about cleaning houses is the before and after. Sometimes when I go marketing and I’m directly talking to customers at their house when they’re not expecting to have me show up, I show them an up close and personal view of their home. From a distance the house doesn’t look that dirty, but if you look at it with a train die you’ll be able to see that there are years in layers of mildew and grime that have built up on the surface. If you allow this mold and mildew and grime to grow without cleaning it periodically it grows more and more rapidly and can even cause damage. 

Don’t take my word for it, take a moment to walk outside and take a really close look at your siding. What do you notice is there is a very uniform pattern of black mildew that grows all over the surface. From a distance you will not be able to tell that the house is dirty because the pattern of growth is so uniformed and so consistent. So, when we apply our soap application to your home if we were to miss a spot or if we were to deliberately spray one area and leave one area uncovered you would see a drastic difference between a clean area and a dirty area. 
Let’s talk about mold for a second. Our soap that contains bleach applied with low pressure will kill mold.If you allowed mold to grow on the service of your house especially the facia and soffit areas or gutters it will cause damage resulting in the paint being removed when the mold is removed. I know that it is tempting to just think that it’s not a big deal and allow them all to continue to grow or the algae to continue to grow, but over the years in years of experience that I have accumulated I have seen dozens and dozens of houses that have been let go and when they finally have me come clean it there are what I like to call scars left behind. This is why it is important to take care of your home before it get to The point of no return and the damage in the mold has caused an eyesore that cannot be removed.
The price to have your home pressure washed or soft washed is significantly less than having to replace siding or gutters or facia they have permanent damage caused by growth that is allowed to continue over the years. You may think that you’re saving money by postponing your cleaning and waiting a year or two because it doesn’t really bother you that much, however this thinking will lead to long-term damage that you wish you could have reversed. 
That you may be thinking well my house is too dirty already and there’s no way that we can get it clean now. That may be true to some extent but there has been many cases in my experience where I have seen that the growth has started and we are able to clean it 100% of the way so don’t get discouraged if your house is dirtier than your neighbors are dirtier than you like it. Our cleaning technology allows for simple and soft soap application applied the surface which will brighten your house just like bleach or clean your dirty whites. 
One of my favorite forms of marketing is to knock on strangers doors and introduce myself, and show them the areas where I can improve and make their house look better. I have found in my experience, that the houses and the people that choose to get their houses cleaned typically don’t at first believe that their house needs to be cleaned. However, after I show them and explain to them what I can do, they trust me and allow me to clean their home. The results that they find are that they are extremely happy. Because of the drastic transformation of homes I have several clients in my book of business that have me clean their house every year even though from the road the house doesn’t look that dirty. They know that by maintenance in their home every year, they will not have to worry about long-term damage, and that that their house will retain its value and they won’t have to replace things in order to keep it looking brand new.
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